2023 PINK SHIRT DAY - Donate A Shirt

2023 PINK SHIRT DAY - Donate A Shirt

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Buy a shirt for a child or youth in our programs!

Did you know that we serve 4,600 local children and youth in Kingston and Area? Help us to provide a Pink Shirt to a BGC member! Together, we can make all children and youth feel a part of the Pink Shirt movement and learn inclusive values from early on!

Let's spread pink in Kingston!

Please note that donated shirts will be sorted and distributed to children and youth by our staff. Please select the pickup option upon checkout so the shipping charge is not applied to your order. 


Do you know where your support goes?

  • 4,600 local children and youth receive sports, arts, education, and positive development programs
  • 10,000 hours of healthy programs provided annually
  • 5,000 sessions of intensive literacy remediation provided every year
  • 3,000 children and caregivers participate in early years programs

Thank you for the confidence in our work and for helping us to build healthy and engaged children and youth in Kingston!